Snow Day French Toast

Jonas has come and...well, is still lingering...but we made it through the worst! On Saturday, I relived my childhood by playing in the snow for hours, runner-style. I headed out the door with low expectations -- I didn't think I'd make it more than a few minutes in the blizzard. However, equipped with ski goggles, … Continue reading Snow Day French Toast


Maple oatmeal energy cookies

Most mornings, before I head out the door to run or go to the gym, I have my cup or two of coffee but don’t eat anything until after I get back. Most people don’t require a pre-run meal if their run is less than 90 minutes. However, sometimes your body desires a little something — just … Continue reading Maple oatmeal energy cookies

Quick 2015 Recap and a Sneak Peek into 2016

Happy belated holidays! Time off with family and friends is always wonderful, but I'm always a little relieved when it comes time to get back to my normal routine. After Halloween and Thanksgiving, December was filled with my birthday celebrations, my boyfriend's birthday and his graduation, Christmas, numerous holiday parties and a last-minute vacation (which … Continue reading Quick 2015 Recap and a Sneak Peek into 2016