2XU Commercial Video Shoot: Run Your Heart Out

Usually I’m behind the camera. So recently, when I was asked to be in front of the camera, I was both excited and nervous as heck.

“We’re looking for a hardcore runner.”

Ummm…hardcore is NOT a word I’d use to describe me. I’m 5’5″ and 115 pounds, and I am quieter than a damn gerbil. But I went for it and ended up having a great time. Before I talk about the project and what went into it, check out the video for yourself:



They did a pretty good job of making me somewhat cool, which goes to show just how awesome the video crew is 🙂 The project is a video contest that’s being hosted by 2XU, a company that creates compression gear for athletes.

The shoot consisted of two consecutive days of filming in my little apartment, at a high school track, at a local park and in a car. Honestly, filming the running was the easy part — well, for me, anyway. The guys had to run up and down stairs and through trails while holding a camera that was by no means light. I have a difficult enough time just running with a water bottle trying to not trip and fall. Needless to say, it was impressive.

What got me the most nervous was the interview. When people ask, “Why do you run so much?” I tend to give a bullshit answer because the real reasons are complex. When I tell people I can’t go out because I have to wake up early and run for 6-7 hours in order to train for some upcoming race, it makes me seem crazy and honestly makes me a little uncomfortable. There’s a lot of reasons why I continue to do what I do, but it’s more just who I am, and how can you explain the essence of who you are to someone? That being said, I think the video crew did a great job focusing on the “run your heart out” angle and capturing that angle perfectly. Would love to hear your feedback and thoughts!






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