Thoughts on Embracing Change and No More Regrets

As you may or may not know, the company I work for opened an office in Richmond last year, which prompted me to move at the end of October 2017. I was both excited and nervous, as I'd never actually moved outside of Northern Virginia, except for school and part-time jobs. Things quickly changed from … Continue reading Thoughts on Embracing Change and No More Regrets


Meatless Monday: Post-Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving, aka possibly the most difficult day to be back at work. Four days off was pure bliss and has me longing to be yet again completely unaware of the realities of work and "real" life. But here I am, back at my desk, quite aware of my overflowing inbox and somewhat … Continue reading Meatless Monday: Post-Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Juice Cleanse Findings: 3 Things I Learned

I'm not a believer in fad diets or "quick fixes." Never have been. I'm all about moderation, working hard and staying consistent. However, after reading quite a bit about juice cleanses, I became curious, especially after recently watching 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead', a documentary about a 100-pound-overweight man who regained his health by juicing … Continue reading Juice Cleanse Findings: 3 Things I Learned

Friday Favorites: Winter Running Essentials

Earlier this week, I asked the Instagram running community what their favorite winter running essentials are. It's only appropriate, as this morning suddenly felt 20 degrees colder than yesterday..! Below is a list of some of your responses, along with a few of my own winter running essentials. Enjoy, and stay warm out there! Favorite … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Winter Running Essentials