Friday Favorites: Winter Running Essentials

Earlier this week, I asked the Instagram running community what their favorite winter running essentials are. It's only appropriate, as this morning suddenly felt 20 degrees colder than yesterday..! Below is a list of some of your responses, along with a few of my own winter running essentials. Enjoy, and stay warm out there! Favorite … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Winter Running Essentials

Setbacks, New Beginnings and Building Mental Resilience

1:30 am. Glass of red wine in hand. Crumbles of cheese and airplane snacks lingering on the coffee table. I have bags under my eyes, a persistent pulsing around my temples and stress-induced breakouts. The word "spent" doesn't even begin to describe my entire being. The last few weeks of my life were spent traveling … Continue reading Setbacks, New Beginnings and Building Mental Resilience