Advice wanted: How to run ultras and build muscle

For years, I’ve been doing a mix of running, strength training and cross training. I feel strong for the most part, and slim, but my biggest challenge is keeping muscle on. So lately, I’ve been using the app My Fitness Pal to see where I might be going wrong with nutrition, and it’s pretty clear that I haven’t been eating enough of the right things, or eating enough period.

So this week, I decided to start my workouts with strength training in order to make that my main focus. Monday, Wednesday and Friday was for arms and abs, and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday was for legs, and I did my runs immediately after.

Using My Fitness Pal, I saw that I had to really force myself to get sufficient calories — protein shakes after workouts and/or before bed, an extra veggie burger patty with dinner, extra egg whites with breakfast, a piece of toast with peanut butter as another snack. And I have to tell you, it was uncomfortable. Eating became a chore. I felt like I shouldn’t be eating past feeling full. Granted, this is only week 1 of my eyes being opened to my calorie and nutrient deficiencies, so we will see how this goes, but I need help.

Tell me: What is the secret? How can you manage to train for ultras while building and maintaining muscle? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

One thought on “Advice wanted: How to run ultras and build muscle

  1. I’ve struggled with this as well. I won’t sacrifice strength training or endurance / ultra fun. I had to work with a nutritionist and learned I simply was not eating enough calories and especially not enough carbs! My macros were way off, ended up increasing fats and carbs.

    Bona fortuna on finding your balance 🤓🐻

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