One of my biggest passions (besides running) is cooking and creating new recipes, and sharing them with others. I believe in using real foods to nourish, energize and heal the body, and I strive to create original dishes that bring balance and joy to everyday life. I’ll also share some tidbits about the nutritional properties/benefits of various ingredients so you know WHY you’re putting certain foods into your body and feel great about it. I hope you enjoy!


Pumpkin ricotta pancakes with homemade honey butter

Baked eggs for brunch

Main dishes

Vegan lentil tacos

Vegan thai curry

Spicy peanutty crispy tofu


Lightened up chicken tetrazzini


Thai-style beef noodle soup

Best chili ever


The green monster smoothie


Maple oatmeal energy cookies

Crispy eggplant parmesan bites

One thought on “Recipes

  1. Would love for you to look seriously at the research of Juice Plus and oxidative stress….it has changed my life as a runner…wish I had found it earlier. Check out the research on my website at, and watch ironman veteran Dr David Phillip’s webinar on athletes and oxidative stress ( You will be shocked at your recovery after long runs and hard workouts, and the fact that you aren’t getting sick in between races….totally affordable, and real food (not a supplement – it carries a nutrition label). All the best!

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